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Summer to Fall wardrobe

The summer is slowly winding down, depending on where you’re located the cooler temperatures may or may not have already started to set in. It doesn’t even feel like late summer in Sweden anymore, more like mid fall, that I can guarantee you! So getting dressed in the morning is starting to feel more and more daunting every day.

It’s obviously too early for boots, heavy knits, and polo necks, and you’re probably telling yourself: “I have nothing to wear!”. Does this sound familiar? Well, the editors at The Blue Issue have hit the same late-summer slump a few times now to know better. Luckily, there’s a very simple solution, which is (drumrolls please): a season transitional wardrobe!

When you purchase clothing and prepare a summer oh so slay, the main thing is to invest in transitional staples that can be worn differently – on their own but also layered in the cooler months.

Current Air, a brand on Asos launched in 2016 with a focus on casual street styles and quality fabrics, have some very pretty and customized shirts and blouses that are perfect for Summer/Fall. The second staple is cropped trousers, I love me some very loose cropped trousers that goes perfectly with Current Air shirts. Last, but definitely not least: dark denim, which is a must for the darker fall days. Put your light denim away, whether it’s a jacket, trousers or top, and replace it with a darker shade of denim. And there you have your seasonal wardrobe transition, simple and stylish as ever.

All the staples below can be found on ASOS.

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