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CRAFT SUSHI BAR|design your own fashion accessories



Momo Wang, the founder of London based brand which called MOF(Museum Of Friendship), recently opened a craft sushi bar in Shanghai.

Momo graduated from Central Saint Martin and also won a joint second place of the L’Oréal Professionel Young Talent Award. Her pathway is Fashion Print, but she also has been interested in acessories design for a long time. When she was studying in CSM,  she sold some of her accessories designs in Brick Lane Market.

There is no doubt that Momo has a  passion for fashion accessories design. Maybe this is a motivation for the craft sushi bar which aims to share ideas and have fun with their customers who are also intereted in crafts and arts.


This shop is just like a typical Japanese sushi bar with customers sitting by the bar watching dishes go round and round. When you find the “ingredients” (like some small dolls, beads or fabrics etc ) you like, you just need to pick them from the boxes without any hesitation–otherwise you have to wait for another round.


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After finishing up your designs you’re free to take everything home with you, as a fantastic new accessory or a perfect present!  At Craft Sushi Bar, Momo and her customers find new ideas for designs everyday,  there’s always a lot of enjoyment and inspiration to be found.

These are some “dishes” they created.


You might not believe the third one is created by a 9-year-old child. People from any age group can take part in this DIY workshop.

Momo’s craft bar drives home the point that Fashion design is everywhere and for everyone, like cooking and eating, it’s about finding what you love and creating something that represents YOU and that there are limitless possibilities to what you could create.



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