Fashion News

What’s your aesthetic?

We characterize aesthetics by the beauty in things and how it leaves an impression. Owning your own aesthetic ups your style and people would remember you for that.

Having a known piece or accessory with your outfit can automatically have someone remember you and compliment your go-to. When you find your aesthetic, you might go crazy and indulge of buying many of that accessory like myself, but it’s well worth it.

Here’s a list of accessories you can add in your wardrobe and compliment your outfits


Chokers brings a mixture or softness and edginess to your outfit. Here are some chokers from Forever 21 to start your search.


You can never say no to a perfect clutch. A fun and funky woman/man on-the-go. Check out Nordstrom for different designs to compliment your outfit.


Dad caps have made its way to the perfect aesthetic with it bringing Cute and Sporty to your outfit. Check out Urban Outfitters for there variety of caps.

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