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What’s the phobia with Uni-Sex fashion ?

While I was on the train, I was having a conversation with a random man who was speaking on many topics. When the topic of uni-sex fashion was brought up, he asked “Would you respect a man that wears a skirt?”. I thought carefully of the question and responded “well if he can pull it off and have style, Kanye wore a skirt” – thought in my head, I’m just thinking about what’s the issue with a man wearing feminine fashion?

It goes back in the baby boomers generation during the 1950s where it begins with the same-sex fashion because of World War II. “The term “gender” began to be used to describe the social and cultural aspects of biological sex in the 1950s—a tacit acknowledgement that one’s sex and one’s gender might not match up neatly. “

Fast-forward to the millennial generation where rappers along with Kanye West and Young Thug or teen influences like Jaden Smith or EJ Johnson breaking barriers wearing dresses and skirts are making headlines for wearing “woman’s wear”, but I say what’s the issue. The same topic goes with uni-sex makeup, when guys are wearing makeup and it’s such an issue.

Also when the brand Get On Fleek  began to sell man rompers or “romp-hims”, it took social media by storm and a lot of people was not here for the trend.

Uni-sex fashion will continue to be an issue to mainly the older generation and the ones who cannot accept a man wearing feminine wear because it originally was not made for them.

Would you accept a guy wearing feminine wear? What are your thoughts on Uni-sex fashion?

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