Swedish Brands


Ann-Sofie Back, the designer for BACK has since the day I watched her documentary about her life been one of my favorite Swedish designers. Like myself, she started her journey in a non-inspiring small town…trust me, small towns can suck the creativity out of you if you’re not brave enough to use your imagination and creativity and simply be the odd one.

Today BACK is a well-known brand, one of Sweden’s most awarded and most importantly – a Unique brand that’s all about innovative yet wearable designs. Wearable art, that’s what I think describes BACK the most. And who doesn’t love to wear art?

The latest Fall/Winter 17 collection, “Swedish Sin” is inspired by Sweden and is more a reference to “a certain smugness” and not Swedish porn in the ’70s. It has a touch of humor, utilitarianism, feminism and a fearless Scandinavian vibe. Created for the women who dress for themselves and don’t give a …, literally. Do you see why I like her?

Only a confident and powerful woman would dare to wear the silver-tiled bra…yes, it has one triangle only, same with the asymmetric dress. Styled over a t-shirt or dress with wide trousers, jeez I’m in love!! Even though “Swedish Sin” is a women’s collection, some pieces can easily be worn by men, the jackets and jumpers in a bigger size, slightly oversize would look amazing on women and men.

Don’t be afraid to wear art and to stand out, any editorial piece that has an organic feel and looks unfinished is practical if styled properly. I can’t believe I’m saying this but You Only Live Once, so why not take advantage of the fact that you can express yourself however you want. Everyone expresses themselves differently, for some, it’s through fashion so don’t think about impressing others or what they might think of you and your weird looking clothes – Impress YOURSELF, You’re a piece of Art!

The collection is available online at BACK.

Images via BACK

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