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Much unlike the origin of this phrase, this isn’t a British comedy. I won’t be sending you a barrage of offensive innuendos about your personal life or commenting on your physical shortcomings.

So let me get to it, there’s this stigma of wearing a suit outside of the working environment or any suit worthy occasion. Yes – I said stigma this ain’t a typo people!
In my opinion the categorisation of the suit should not even exist. With the know-how and some simple tips and tricks, the suit can be dressed up or dressed down for all occasions.


We live in a society that celebrates individuality and street style but god forbid you get dapper on a regular day trip to the mall. But why not?
Because we fear the side-eye stares and the ‘Wow, they’re overdoing it’ reactions.

Judge me not on the lapels of my jacket
Judge me not on the square of my pocket

I’m no MLK but there has to be a change.

We tend to affiliate the suit with societal benevolence and class but the suit is not widely appreciated for wear in non traditional settings by the fashion masses. Yet such unconventional statement-wear breeds creativity; It challenges and redefines the norms of suiting.

ABEAE509-AA81-4E93-BCD0-B257BB3210AFPhoto credit: Instagram @ozwald_boateng


“Tailoring was considered to be a world that was very traditional, and basically going out of fashion. Fashion designers did not have a real link with tailoring or tradition, so I fused the two worlds together.”
– Ozwald Boateng

When suiting becomes a way of life, it can easily be tailored to an occasion of any stature. I urge you to find new and exciting ways to adorn your suit that defines your character. Take the limitations off.
A pair of turn-ups with a pleat for a casual night out or a double-breasted blazer to a cafe with a friend.


F3B2908E-A26D-426A-BC50-DAE935A9CCE1Photo credit: Instagram @_s_knots

Tradition says you should wear a suit in one way but there’s much more you can do!
Let’s not underestimate the power of a good suit on any given day!
So dust off your suit good sir! And get your turn ups and lapels out!






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