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A chat with Noa Grayevsky

Black and white photography seems simplistic, some might even say rudimentary. However, to capture beautiful harmonic excellence in an image requires skill and a trained eye. And in the hands of a talented photographer who has refined her craft to create effortless picturesque imagery, black and white photography becomes a simplistic memoir of a perfect moment. This is my interview with…NOA GRAYEVSKY!

So who are you and what do you do?
My name is Noa Grayevsky I am a professional photographer with a background in fashion, music, nightlife, journalism, arts and more.

What was and is your motivation in your work?
My main focus in the last few years has been photographing models and people of color. I feel like our generation is a lot more progressive than any of the generations before us but there is still a lot we can do to bring everyone together. I like shooting my subjects in a complimentary, empowering, and fashionable way so everyone can see the beauty that I see regardless of any camera angles. Aesthetically I also like it a lot.


How long have you been in your industry?
About 9 years at this point. I actually started as a live concert and nightlife photographer. It was right before that time in millennial history when everyone started having cameras on their phone. I used to go to punk shows, underground raves, hip-hop concert just name it. I went as a fan of the music but found a passion for capturing everything that was around me. I used to upload the pictures to MySpace and within a short while I was approached by a national magazine editor. He loved the images I was naturally taking and offered me a weekly column in the nightlife section showcasing the latest trend in nightlife fashion and events. From that point on other magazines saw my work and I’ve been working professionally ever since

What do you aim to accomplish through your work?
I attempt to add a lot of depth in everything I do and I put a lot of time and effort in every single shot. I see the most “Minor details” and try to control them to direct the image towards a greater meaning. The challenge is attempting to do something I make with a strong personal message but at the same time an image that is open for personal interpretation of other people. That is also why a lot of the times I don’t title my images. I want viewers to look at them and see their world. If I convey a message of empathy, I want them to apply it to someone who they might not be so empathetic about, as opposed to just feeling sad about some stranger.


Aesthetically, the images are all in black and white. I feel like a lot of the time, colors can “smear” the spotlight. when I take colors away I can direct the visual focus to the main subject and idea and I feel that way it gets a better visual representation. Personally, I am also a fan of getting the natural shot. I try to avoid post-production editing as much as possible and most of my photos are shot in an outdoor environment. Keep it real!

How has your work grown from the beginning till now?
Nothing ever came easily to me it’s been a long journey and still is. Even when u do carve a lane or a certain name for yourself maintaining it is probably just as difficult. The important thing is to follow your passion no matter what. Keep growing, keep pushing your own limits fearlessly and trust that quality is gonna be worth more in the long run. I’ve been blessed to work with incredible people who I am a fan of but I don’t take any of it for granted. I show up every day and push myself to do more and as much as I can.


What are you currently working on?
I’m always working. The next few weeks are packed with new exciting projects and shoots, so there are a few projects in the process but mainly my first solo exhibition in New York that will be this summer.

What platforms can people find you on?
Instagram – @noagrayevsky

Thank you, Noa we wish you all the best.

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