French Brands

Des Petits Hauts – Oh so dreamy


It would be hard to argue that French girls aren’t always stylish, don’t follow the trends or flaunt their body. They for sure have their own aesthetics and focus on fabrication, detailing and comfort.

Maje, Sandro, Kooples, and much more are wearable french brands already known all over of the world, but I am going to introduce a lesser known brand whose style is more personal and artistic – Des Petits Hauts.

Established in 2000, based in Paris and now selling in 29 countries around the world. They have a lovely team of designers and stylists who travel the world and gathering inspiration, documenting thoughts and impressions to take back to the streets of Paris in order to give the customers beautiful pieces. Just perfect for the artsy girl that’s all about something different.

They used to be an individual designer brand which can be seen until today due to their fabrics choices which are comfortable and good quality rather than the low budget industry standard. That’s why the team has been going to Florence every season seeking the best thread! So, imagine the quality! They never ignore the details either: they have a French manufacturer who develops glitter buttons especially for them, with every piece proudly boasting a small golden star as their unique trademark.

Their shop decorations are another highlight, each owning a unique style. Some simple and modern, others have a vintage style and full of small cute furnishings.

DPH_SEPT2017-5980_BDDPH_DEBELLEYME-6179_BD-768x1024Photos via

Have a look at their latest collection and other beautiful items here and also check out their Instagram @despetitshauts for daily inspiration.

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